Data & Analytics Services

Whether you’re looking to Explore and Understand your data, Compare Databases, Segment your Customers, or simply share and Reuse your analysis, NSENA can help you.

Our practices bring out the use of data sciences and analytics in decision making across multiple sectors globally be finance, healthcare sales consumers in smart, secure and innovative ways with basic concepts and without the need of the consumer to dive in the sea of programming.

Our Approach

Our effective approach and fundamental methods e.g. statistical thinking, conditional probability, algorithms, etc. assures about our potential to transform the way of work in distant and not-to-distant future. Review results with customizable highlighting, sorting, grouping, ad hoc filtering, quick statistics, and charting.

  • Built-in Data segmentation
  • Re-run queries and compare their results over time
  • Explore your data quickly with frequency distribution and pattern analysis
  • Comprehensive search to find and review historic results
  • Reuse your analysis, even across different databases
  • Query Text and Excel files

Data Comparison

With NSENA’s built-in Data comparison tools you can quickly compare the results of any query over time. You can compare data across data sources and even between different database types. Our unique cross-grid highlighting allows you to visually track and explore differences.

Our goal is to help you to understand your data in an easy but insightful way, by providing simple to understand tools, focused on getting your job done quickly. With cross-database support, a secure encrypted repository, unique data segmentation, and exploration tools, we get the job done quickly.

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