Digital Marketing

Having a beautiful website is great, but it is pointless if no-one can find it on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Two great ways to get visitors to your site are Search Engine Optimization & Online Advertising.

Digital marketing is a vast spectrum of email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures and much beyond that. Every tactic and asset support their respective goal, with a clear view. The internet is undoubtedly the most cost-effective tool to market a business regardless of whether you want to draw customers to you or sell products directly online.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website to come as high as possible in related search engine results. This is done through the use of meaningful titles and content on your pages, using proper coding techniques during the build of your site, and increasing the ranking through inbound links.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is fast becoming the best way to market your business, attract more customers & promote new products & services. Why? People trust recommendations by friends far more than a newspaper, radio or tv advertisement. We provide Digital Marketing services to help take maximum advantage of online Business.

E-mail Direct Marketing

E-mail direct marketing is a process involving more than just email communication, a standalone approach utilizes multiple forms of communication to relay and reinforce the campaign message through Social Media, Remarketing Advertising, Offline Advertising, and Pay Per Click Campaigns in context to building brand loyalty or convert sales.

Our SEO process

  • Keyword Research – Based on your industry and goals we will conduct some advanced keyword research to determine which keywords to place on your site that are attainable.
  • On-Page Process – We will conduct a full on-page construction of the site to place your picked keywords in a way that will allow your site to organically rank in search engines.
  • Sitemaps & Robots – We will add the appropriate sitemaps & robots.txt to ensure that your site is crawled properly by search engines
  • Canonical URL Corrections – This simple yet powerful step will ensure that your site does not have its ranks divided by a canonical error
  • Full Link Building Actives – We use only industry standard and Google, Yahoo, & Bing compliant link building to get our clients the highest possible SEO results, without the risk of being penalized.
  • Content & Copy-writing Services – We will provide unique and quality content using your chosen keywords, while still being relevant to your business
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking – Using Google Analytics and other tools we will perform advanced conversion tracking on your website to properly manage your Return on Investment.
  • Monthly Reporting – To ensure both transparencies and allow our clients to gain some perspective on how their site is performing and how our services are benefiting them.

We offer web design services for everything from brochure websites promoting businesses, to sophisticated eCommerce projects and database drove websites. We can also freshen up the design of existing websites and add dynamic functionality, like an online shop. Contact us to move your business marketing into the modern online world.

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