Working with Communities

NSENA supports and recognises programs and actions directed on strengthening of prestige and a role in society; renders financial, technical and humanitarian aid within the framework of the own charitable programs. By initiating necessary steps to improve the intellectual, moral and physical development of pupils by providing free training and education.

Our charitable project to help orphans and poor families in India. Anyone who is ready to help children could participate in a charitable project dedicated to helping orphans and poor families.

All the donations collected during these Projects would be forwarded to orphan homes, schools, hospitals etc. Financial accounts of the project’s realization would be published saperatly.

NSENA Education Charitable Program spends funds in IT education, which is based on the economic principles of modernization of the educational system in India.

Our Medical Programs – help poor families to get medical facilities free or at an affordable cost with no additional paperwork and stress.

The main purpose is to build healthier and safer communities. Improvement of financial resources in health and educational institutions at the expense of attracting of the supplementary gap of the budget and more effective utilization of finance.